Scuba diving involves underwater diving with a breathing apparatus, known as a scuba set. At Plàncton we like to add our personal touch to activities we organize and all our dives start with a short talk on marine biology to teach you all about the underwater ecosystems around L’Ametlla de Mar and the animals and plants you might see while diving. If we know more about the fauna and flora we’ll see, we’ll learn to love it and appreciate it. With this in mind, as we dive we will show you the animal and plant species we’ve talked about. Afterwards, we can answer any doubts or questions you may have regarding what you have seen and photographed. You can also check out our information guides and posters for more information. Our diving sessions last a little longer than others for this reason – because we love explaining everything we can about the sea!




Scuba Schools International, or SSI

At Plàncton Diving we have decided to work with the SSI accreditation group which has taught diving worldwide for over forty years.