We are responsible divers

Responsible diving is the key principle behind our centre. As scientists we are concerned about the ‘footprint’ our activities leave on the marine environment and our philosophy is to keep this to a minimum. How? Thanks to our skilled training (the better you dive, the smaller the impact you cause) and a good knowledge of the underwater environment.

At Plàncton Diving we implement different measures for both ourselves and our clients to become responsible divers.

Marine biology breifings before each activity: the better you know your environment, the less damage you will cause, and you will also become more aware of the impact our diving has.

Collecting marine litter: during the dives, our guide will have a bag to collect any rubbish we may find. We encourage all our divers and students to do the same when you go diving.

Cleaning beaches: every year we organize or participate in beach or sea bed cleaning activities. We collaborate with associations like Graëllsia, Artquatic, etc.

Courses to improve floating techniques, to learn about marine biology, to learn how to participate in scientific sample collections… Once a month we organize scientific sample collections in collaboration with the Observadors del Mar project of the Institut de Ciències del Mar CSIC.