Do you want to see what it feels like to breathe under water? Do you want to see what it’s like floating as if gravity has no effect on you? Do you want to see fish close up?

Come and try a PLÀNCTON TRY SCUBA session!

This will be your first experience diving. We set out directly from the beach with all the necessary gear to dive for 45-50 minutes down to depths of five metres. Before entering the water, though, we’ll tell you all about diving safety, your equipment and the animals and plants you might see.

Come and try a PLÀNCTON TRY SCUBA session. Each session lasts around three hours. Our oceanographer guides will be beside you at all times, going at your speed and adapting the dive to your needs, while they explain curious facts about the underwater flora and fauna. Relax, we are in no hurry at Plàncton!

This is an ideal activity for families on holiday or just as a first session to see if you like diving before you put your name down for a full course.

After the dive, we’ll give you a diploma certifying that you have done your first dive in the SSI TRY SCUBA programme.