Optional first level course for recreational diving. This course consists of about six hours of theory classes and three dives in the sea. This represents half a typical OPEN WATER DIVER course and is designed to be completed in just two days.

A part of the theory classes can be done online. After completing the course, you will be able to dive to depths of 12 metres as long as you are accompanied by an underwater guide or similar expert. This course is an optional first course. Alternatively, the full OPEN WATER DIVER course can be taken directly.

This course is suitable for anyone ten years old or older.

To check dates available, send us a mail to or call 977 45 77 41

*If you don’t have a diving partner, we can put you on a waiting list to dive with other groups or partners

**You can choose through which agency you wish to obtain your qualification, bearing in mind that the standards of each agency may differ

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