Snorkelling or light diving involves swimming with goggles or a mask and a snorkel tube just the way lots of us have done since we were children. At Plàncton we like to add something special to all our activities and, with this in mind, we start all our snorkelling swims with a short explanation about the marine biological aspects of the underwater ecosystems at l’Ametlla de Mar and the flora and fauna we may see. You’ll learn to notice species you haven’t seen before and discover curiosities about the behaviour of sea animals. Once you get to know well who or what lives in the sea, we’re sure you’ll learn to love and help conserve these ecosystems! Our guides, who are all sea scientists (with degrees in marine science, biology, and environmental science), will show you where the sea life is hiding! We’re sure you’ll see new things each time you come snorkelling with us! After the swim, you can look at our information guides and posters to check which animals and plants you’ve seen.


What do I need to know to go snorkelling?

  • You need to be able to swim. It’s not necessary to be a professional obviously, but you should be able to swim fairly well as we’ll be in the water for quite some time.
  • Minimum age – 6 years old. Younger children tend to get tired or fed up with being in the water so long. But don’t worry, there’s always next year!
  • A desire to learn! Even those of you who have snorkelled before will see new things when you swim with us.

Did you know that we are the only company in Catalonia offering snorkelling as our main service? Most diving centres only offer snorkelling as a secondary activity for companions or family members of people going scuba diving. But for us, snorkelling is just as important as diving. It provides an excellent way to discover the marine environment. We have specialized in snorkelling activities for three years. And, do you know what’s best? Snorkelling is an activity for everyone! Young children, older people, families, and there are no limits to how long you can stay in the water – as long as you don’t get too cold of course!

Over two thousand people have snorkelled with us! We have helped over five hundred school pupils discover the underwater world! Do you want to be next?