Marine biology courses

Introduction to Mediterranean Marine Biology

Introduction to Mediterranean Marine Biology course consisting of three hours of theory classes and one dive.

Course objectives

  • To find out about the diversity of the Mediterranean flora and fauna.
  • Awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting Mediterranean ecosystems.

Theoretical contents of the course (3h)

  • Oceanographic description of the Mediterranean (temperature, salinity, currents…)
  • Principal biological and physiological characteristics of the main groups of animals and plants in the Mediterranean. Getting to know their ecology and behaviour will make it easier to find and identify the species we see in the water:  

      • Marine invertebrates
      • Marine vertebrates: fish
      • Algae
      • Marine seagrass

Practical content of the course (2h)

  • During a dive we will identify the main species studied in the theory classes using species identification charts and the instructor’s indications. The diving spot will vary depending on the season of the year.